With oncoming winter conditions, here are some tips for safe snow shoveling:

TIP #1: Stay on top of the snow. The best advice is to stay ahead of the storm. Prevent snow and ice from adhering to the sidewalk or street by clearing the snow every few inches instead of waiting for the snow to stop falling before you head outdoors.

TIP #2: Wear breathable layers.

TIP #3: Watch your feet.

TIP #4: Take a few minutes to stretch

TIP #5: Push don’t lift.

TIP #6: Drink up! Water that is.

TIP #7: Don’t play in traffic

TIP #8: Call and text. It is important to have your cell phone on you so you can make a call in event of an emergency

Moosic Borough residents are reminded that any person, owner or resident of the Borough of Moosic depositing or throwing or discarding snow, slush or other obstructions into the public STREETS & rights-of- way is illegal and maybe subject to a fine. Residents have 24 hours after the snow stops to remove the snow and ice from their sidewalks. As described in Moosic Borough Code.  Your cooperation with these regulations is appreciated.snow removal