The date December 9, 1998 officially marked the first 100 years of the existence of the Borough of Moosic.

Before that it had been known as Marathon, later to be called Springbrook. The area in the beginning was divided into large farm section and some of these farms gave their names to some of these areas such as Stark Farm from which Starks took its named. Greenwood was named after the dense pine forest covering the area. No. 4 derived its name from the No. 4 plane of the Pennsylvania Gravity Railroad, and Spike Island received its name from an island off the coast of Ireland. The main street area was the original site of the Dupont Powder Mills.

Million Dollar Coaster
Laurel Line
Main Street
Presbyterian Church
Butler Hotel
Moosic High School
The first industry in Moosic was coal mining. The demand for workers created stiff competition among the coal companies and many of them sent recruiters to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for skilled workers. The powder business started in Moosic early with the Moosic Powder Company later to be taken over by the Dupont Powder Mills whose presence in the borough lasted almost a century.

Collieries sprung up throughout the valley and the first built in Moosic was the Starks Breaker. The company built houses near it mines and this practice became a standard procedure in the coalfields. Other collieries in Moosic were Greenwood, Hillside, Blue Goose, Springbrook, Standard, Muskrat and the Spike Island. They copied from the Stark experiment and built houses, company stores and boarding-homes. Demands for jobs brought workers form Poland, Russia, Italy and Germany to the Anthracite Fields. They came for a better life and Freedom. In our community we can still find traces of their early settlements.

Created in 1886 and located here, the park was a recreational and social center for northeastern Pa. until it closed in 1987. It gained popularity in the early 20th century as the “Laurel Line” railroad provided easier access for more people. The park featured unique ethnic celebration days that reflected the diversity of the region. Entertainment included live performances and rides, notably the “Million Dollar” Roller Coaster.

The Rocky Glen Amusement Park played a major role in the early days of Moosic Borough. Along with its variety of rides and lakeside activities, it featured top entertainment of it day including the big band names and famous entertainers as well as top prizefighters. It attracted visitors from all over the East Coast until it closed for good in 1988.

In 2011, the Borough collaborated with the Moosic Clock Committee for a community clock to be erected in front of the Moosic Borough Municipal Building in memory of the late Mayor John M. Segila who served as the borough’s mayor for over thirty years. Funds were raised by collecting donations for plaques placed on the clock and holding the fundraising event “A Taste of Moosic”. The clock was unveiled on Main Street on Saturday, August 16th, 2011 when the clock stuck noon.

At the present time, Moosic Borough is one of the fastest growing areas in the valley. While Lackawanna County is experiencing a decline in population, the borough of Moosic is experiencing growth not only in residential population but industrial and commercial development as well.

Moosic is host community to a minor league baseball team and its stadium—PNC Field, the Glenmaura National Golf Course, The Boy Scouts of America Headquarters, The Shoppes at Montage, and the Lackawanna County Visitors Center.

Directly to the north of the borough is the Pavilion and Montage Mountain, and Montage Mountain Ski & Waterpark, and directly south is the site of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, located in the adjacent borough of Avoca. While the past two decades saw a steady sustained growth in this community, the future horizon looms bright for the Borough of Moosic.

Connor’s Drug Store
Gulf Station
Helen’s Store
Spike Island School

Moosic Memorials

Veteran Memorial at American Legion Post 604.
Ed Kobesky Field Memorial.
Moosic High Alumni Memorial.

Take Time to Remember Mayor John Segilia Clock located on Main Street in Moosic.

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