DSC_0229Ward 4 will also boast of Mercatili Seglia Park which is home of the New Children’s Centennial Park. It contains a Gazebo, Pavilion with picnic tables, and benches. The lighted walkways can be enjoyed by all ages but will be especially attractive to older adults. With the help of the Borough and the Children’s Centennial Park Committee, this park is especially attractive for family outing and special events for all ages.

Although the Borough of Moosic has acquired new playground equipment, through various recreation grants for each of the parks located through the various wards in the community, we are especially proud of the Centennial Children’s Park. The playground committee is pleased with the newly acquired equipment, which has been installed by the employees of the Department of Public Works of Moosic Borough. Residents of the community can now enjoy the park while their children enjoy the playground.

The Recreation Committee of the Borough is proud to announce the addition of playground equipment to the Mercatili-Segilia Park, which was made possible through a donation made in memory of Bernie Sklanka. And also the Centennial Park Playground Committee has placed a toddlers section in addition to the playground equipment.

Mercatili–Segilia Park Pavilion is  available to Moosic residents and organizations for gatherings.  Please review our Recreation Privacy Policy prior to completing the Mercatili-Segilia Park Reservation Request Form.

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