This is an elected office, with a four-year term. Taxes are collected at the Moosic Borough Building and additional locations per the Tax Collector hours listed.

Bryan Fauver Tax Collector  715 Main St., Moosic, PA 18570 (570) 457-5480 ext.116

Moosic Online Payments

Credit card payments will not be accepted for school taxes.

If there are any questions regarding tax collection the Moosic Borough Tax Collector can be reached by phone at (570) 457-5480 Ext.116 or e-mail at


During the months of March & April (discount period only)

Tax Collector will be at —
The Moosic Borough Building – Monday 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
The Greenwood Hose Company – Tuesday 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

During the months of May thru December — by appointment only.

Property Tax and Garbage

Borough Real Estate tax and Garbage fee are billed and mailed on March 1st of each year. Both are listed on the same bill.

  • If taxes are paid prior to May 1st, the discount rate applies.
  • If taxes are paid between May 1st and June 30, the flat rate applies.
  • If taxes are paid after June 30th includes a ten percent (10%) penalty.
  • Real Estate Taxes not paid by December 15th of the same year are turned over to the County Tax Claim Bureau for collection.
  • Taxes are payable at the place and at the time and date listed on the bills.


  • Moosic Borough Real Estate Tax 18.37 mills
  • Moosic Borough Garbage fee flat rate $75.00

If you live in the Borough of Moosic and are employed either in the Borough or outside the Borough, you will pay a one-percent (1%) earned Income Tax on you wages. This tax is divided between the School District and the Borough equally. Starting 2012 this tax is collected and maintained by Berkheimer Tax Administrator ( PDS 350801. This tax is not administered in any way by the elected Tax Collector.

Annual tax collected by Berkheimer Tax Administration. Riverside School District receives $5.00 and Moosic Borough $47.00. This tax is not administered in any way by the elected Tax Collector.

SEWER USER FEE* — $35.00
Annual fee collected by Berkheimer Tax Administration for the maintenance of the sewer line within Moosic Borough. This fee is not administered in any way by the elected Tax Collector.

*Information about the Local Service Tax and Sewer User Fee can be found at