The Riverside School Board has made the following changes to collection policy caused by COVID-19 that will ease the property tax burden:

Discount Period: Extended by two months

Prior Discount Period: August 1st-September 30th

New Discount Period: August 1st-November 30th

Discount Rate: Increased by 3%

Prior Discount Rate: 2%

New Discount Rate: 5%

Face Value Period: Extended by two months

Prior Face Value Period: October 1st-November 30th

New Face Value Period: December 1st-December 31st

Delinquent Penalty:  Extended by one month and reduced by 5%

Prior Delinquent Penalty: 10% penalty after December 1st

New Delinquent Penalty: Eliminated 10% penalty after December 1st, 5% after December 31st