Public Health Emergency:

Due to the Corna Virus pandemic an Emergency Declaration has been issued by Mayor James Segilia. Public access to all Moosic Borough public buildings, parks and playgrounds will be restricted beginning on Monday March 16, 2020 at 7:00 am, until further notice pursuant to an emergency declaration.

  • Borough Building, 715 Main Street
  • Moosic Borough Street Dept, 608 River Street
  • Greenwood Hose Co. Building, 3727 Birney Ave
  • Mercatili Segilia Park, R. Birney Ave
  • Moosic Little League Playground, Petro Court
  • Kobeski Field, Off Lydon Lane 
  • Mary Ann Nawrocki Park, Irene Lichak Court
  • Quinlan Field, 230 Rear, Spring St.
  • Ken Smerdon Park, off Water St

Moosic Borough government will continue normal operations, those seeking to do business may telephone the Municipal Building (570-457-5480), or visit our website for general information.  Email your questions or concerns to or, Any questions regarding garbage and recycling pick up can call (570-457-5480) press 5, to leave a message and someone will return your call.

Moosic Borough Taxes can be mailed or paid online, if you need a receipt please indicate in a memo your email address or if desired we will send receipt via US postal. Any questions regarding taxes can be sent to

Stay Safe!!!!