Notice of intent to Adopt

At the regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 13th the Moosic Borough Council will consider for adoption Ordinance #7 of 2022, repealing Ordinance #18 of 2020, imposing a fee for the negligent inadvertent, intentional or unintentional activation of fire, burglar, medical or any emergency alarm system: Providing for a graduated penalty: Providing certain penalties: setting forth certain prohibitions: setting standards for alarm systems: requiring reporting and billing: setting forth alarm system maintenance requirements including annual inspection: requiring call out information: providing for penalties and repealer and effective date.

Also Council will consider for adoption Ordinance #8 of 2022: An ordinance providing for the entering into a Cable Franchise Agreement: Providing for the appropriate signatures to the aggeement: providing a severability clause: providing a repealer clause and providing an effective date.