Budget Message

Calendar year 2020 mark the drawing of a new era for Moosic Borough in its mission of providing programs and services for it 5717 residents.
Many hours went into the preparation of the 2020 fascial blueprint. Its goals is services to all the residents. This year we are proposing a tax increase of 3 mills due to the continued pressure from shrinking Federal and State funding, collectively bargained wages and benefits increases, and rising law enforcements costs, the boroughs 2020 budget will exceed the 2019 budget.
These are solid workable figures, it is crucial that we increase our garbage fee to $75.00. The cost of the landfill dumping exceeds our revenue so this increase is necessary for our growing community.
The cost of running this municipality and its various services is substantial. By taking advantage of favorable interest rates we embarked on 1.5 million dollar line of credit which will be put to work to improve our roads and free up money in our general fund account and maintain our annual debt service in a manageable range. Also this budget contains a decrease in sewer user fee, since that account is stable it is good time to give back and help residents with their personal needs.
This budget is funded by hard earned tax dollars
Budget Overview:
The 2020 general fund budget totals$4,581,804.00. The Liquid Fuels budget totals are $276,078.00.
Total Revenue and Expenditure Budget all Funds $4,857,882.00