Electric and Plumbing Permit Procedures

1. Owner/Contractor to complete municipality permit application.

2. Municipality to notify BIU on permits that need to be reviewed for pricing.

3. BUI inspector to apply all costs on municipality permit.

4. Municipality to notify owner/contractor on total costs whereby; owner/contractor is required to drop off a check for the full amount.

5. Municipality to review permit and all associated documents for internal approval. Once approved, permit shall be placed in a file accessible to all inspectors.

6. All inspection requests are required to go through the municipality therefore; Owner/Contractor to notify municipality when ready for each required inspection.

7. Municipality to notify MAI on all inspection requests by fax or phone. No inspections will be performed without an approved permit number.

8. BIU will fax a ‘Municipal Certificate’ to the municipality explaining what type inspection was performed whereby; municipality will file faxed certificate within the permit file.

9. Once all required inspections are performed and approved, BIU will issue a Final Certificate for municipal confirmation.