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Zoning Office Hours at the Borough Building are:

Monday: 1pm – 4pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 4pm
Thursday: 1pm – 4pm

Zoning Officer James Snyder (570) 457-5480
Borough Engineer Penneastern Engineers, Inc. (570) 823-4712

All ordinances and zoning information can be found online here.

V-MC-D-ECHECK-MediumAnnouncement — We are pleased to announce we are now accepting credit card payments online. We offer an online solution for consumers to make payments for the following: Building Permits, Health Licenses, Mechanical Device Tax, Sewer Permits, Truck Pick up.

Permits & Applications

* Sewer Permits are required for any on lot sewage system at $1,015.00 per EDU, and at the Glenmaura Section $1.315.00 per EDU.

Residential Construction
Verification of state license required.

Commercial Construction
Any contractor doing commercial work in the Borough is required to obtain a Moosic Borough Contractors License for a fee of $75.00

BIU BIU Permit Fee Schedule Procedure for Moosic Electrical & Plumbing Permits
Contractor License / Commercial  $75.00 Contractor License Application
Fire Suppression Fire Suppression Permit
Lackawanna River Basin Sewer Authority (LRBSA) Will vary LRBSA Sewer Permit
Landlord Occupancy Report & Tenant Registration N/C Landlord Occupancy Report
Liquor License Transfer Liquor License Transfer Application
Moosic Borough Building & Electrical Permit Permit Fees Building & Electrical Permit
Moosic Borough Mechanical Plumbing Permit Permit Fees Mechanical Plumbing Permit
Occupancy Permits $25.00 Contact Zoning Officer
Public Sewer Permit* Will vary Sewer Permit and Fees
Peddler Solicitor Permit Chapter 219 Ordinance Peddler Permit and Application
Vacant Property Registration Vacant Property Registration Form
Zoning Hearing Board $500.00 Zoning Hearing Application
Zoning Hearing Board Zoning Hearing Checklist

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