Keeping Moosic Beautiful Through All the Seasons.

The Moosic Borough Department of Public Works provides integral services to our community each and every day.  Led by Road Commissioner, Matthew Poplawski, the department provides quality services for our community with pride, courtesy, and commitment. The department ensures waste and recycling is collected, maintains and operates borough properties, constructs and maintains borough roads, sewerage systems, bridges, buildings and other facilities, such as waterways and dikes, and cares for our recreational parks.

Road Commissioner Matthew Poplawski 3352 Moosic, PA. 18507 (570) 457-5480


We urge all citizens in the Borough to have any collections put out before 7: 00 a.m. on their scheduled days.  Starting in May and ending in September  collections start at 6:00 a.m.,


Our Borough officials recognize that recycling works. This program coincides with the regular garbage collection schedule. Recycling is not only the law but it reduces waste and saves our natural resources. Moosic Borough has been a recognized leader in the field of recycling for years in Lackawanna County. It is our impression that the new system will be easier for residents and the municipalities, resulting in increased participation as well as increased cost savings.

Recycling Bins are available for pick up at the Borough Office. One per Household, please.

Moosic recycles every week. All recyclables, including cardboard,  newspapers, magazines, glass, plastic jars, plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans will be collected the same day as your regular garbage pick-up. Mixed paper items must be separated from comingled items and placed in containers of your choice, clearly marked “Recycling.”

Moosic Borough has opted to implement a combined stream, “one bin” format for recyclable PAPER FIBER.  The conveyor and processor line have been retooled to implement this new program. The new system will allow each household to combine or commingle paper waste and heavy and light cardboard in one recycling bin. The following are acceptable recycling materials to include in your mixed paper bin:

  • Newspaper
  • Office paper
  • Magazines, phone books
  • Mailing envelopes and discarded mail
  • Pizza boxes, cereal boxes
  • Tissue boxes, gift boxes, among other items.

– Boxes should be broken down and liners taken out. No food residue.

Glass bottles and  aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, plastic jars without tops, will continue to be included in a separate ‘one bin” format for containers. The following are acceptable recycling materials to include in your commingled bin:

  • Glass bottles and jars without tops
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Plastic bottles (crushed bottles and place lid back on)
  • Plastic jars.

– All items should be free of any food waste and debris.


Every Thursday: Wards 1 & 3 / Every Friday: Wards 2 & 4
We ask all borough residents to place their yard waste curbside in open containers. Ashes, clippings, grass, branches (no bigger than 4? in diameter – no longer than 24″ long), NO plastic bags will be picked up.

SPECIAL PICK-UP: Old Appliances, Large Objects, etc.
Every Thursday by appointment.
Need to discard old appliances or other large objects? The DPW will accept your item(s) at curbside. Contact the borough office at (570) 457-5480 for information about scheduling a pick-up for a small cost, subject to number of item(s).

If any person within the Borough of Moosic has the need of the borough dump truck to dispose of household generated waste, that would not normally be picked up by the Borough’s refuse collector, then you can rent the Borough Truck for $100.00 (one time per year), no hazardous waste or tires, and no electronics. This service is available April  thru October.  Please make reservations by calling us at (570) 457-5480.

Check out the Lackawanna County Recycling Center


MOOSIC BOROUGH Small Commercial Establishment Recycling Program

In accordance with Ordinance No 9, 2013 adopted May 14, 2013, Each and every Small Commercial Establishment located within the Borough of Moosic shall be allowed to participate in the Borough’s Small Commercial Establishment recycling program.  Any Small Commercial Establishment wishing to partake in said program shall file an application with the Borough Office setting forth the name and address of the business and the type of material that the Borough will be recycling.  The initial charge for said recycling shall be $120.00 per year payable with the application.  Each business within the Borough of Moosic no matter how small or large is mandated by the State of Pennsylvania Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act to RECYCLING.  Any questions regarding Commercial Recycling within the Borough of Moosic can call our office (570) 457-5480.

Small Business Recycling Form

All commercial business establishments in the borough of Moosic are required by Act 101 to recycle.