Daylight Savings Time Begins: March 11, 2018

Turn your clocks Ahead an hour on March 11, 2018 for the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.   This is also a good time to change your batteries in your smoke detectors. 

To remember which way to set your watch, keep in mind “spring forward, fall back”. You set your clock back in the fall when DST ends (= regain one hour) and ahead in the spring when DST begins (= lose one hour).



Announcing the Hometown Heroes Banner Program

Moosic Borough Hometown Heroes Banner Program

The Sons of American Legion Post 604 and the Borough of Moosic have created the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. A living tribute to recognize and honor residents and their family members who are serving, or are veterans who have served our country in the US Armed Forces. Banners will be displayed on street poles (Main Street, Spring Street, Birney Ave. & Rte. 502) throughout the course of two years to celebrate and remind the community of their dedication to our country.

Purpose and Description of Program:

This program was created to pay tribute to the brave men and women of Moosic Borough who are serving, have served, or have given the ultimate sacrifice of life to our country serving in the military.

  • The Hometown Heroes Banners are funded through donations.
  • The cost of each banner is $200.00 (including installation and removal)
  • After the course of (2) years, the banner will be permanently removed and given to the serviceperson or family member.